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Ramar Record Retention, LLC : Shredding


Timely shredding and destruction of documents and other business archives plays a vital role in the operation of your business.  Maintaining documents and archives beyond retention requirements can be costly.  It can also compromise the security of your records as well as those of your clients.  Certificates of Destruction are available.

We offer several options for shredding and destruction.


Locked shred bins are located at your site and pick-up is customized to your needs, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, or some other interval that is suited to your business requirements.

End of Year

Batch shredding is performed at year end for records already stored at our facility, or we will pick-up items for destruction from your location.

Regularly Scheduled

As part of the record management process for items stored at our facility, shredding and destruction will take place according to a schedule as defined by you at the time of deposit into our facility.


Our facilities are available for shredding and destruction at any required time that your business demands such safe and secure services.  We can also assist with any special clean out projects.


Responsible environmental practices are important to Ramar, as it will affect the future of our company, our community, our people, and our Earth.  We are committed to going green which includes recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, fuel efficiency, and idle reduction initiatives.  We will always be looking to the future and be mindful of how we can make a difference through best practices for sustainability.


Ramar Record Retention, LLC: Shredding

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